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For Posterity’s Sake

In the Beginning… Or Starting a Blog for the Uninitiated

Wow, just spent the hour between 5 and 6am creating a blog. After the usual hassles with choosing a password and deciding on a memorable, meaningful and easy to spell name, I now discover my blog doesn’t exist except in my imagination.

Hmm, maybe I need to publish this to get the ball rolling. So here goes, welcome to my world…

6.18am Feel that I have achieved something and am off to bed for a qld (quick lie down) before my kids rouse me around 7am.

Fast Forward a Few Years to 2009

Advice for New Bloggers

Right, I am putting my MA Design for Interactive Media hat on now but this is all based on logic and common sense really. If I do have some advice for new bloggers, it’s think carefully about your labels and try to use them well. Think about what information you will have on your blog to begin with and in the future then create meaningful names which allow your readers to find the information they want fast. This will save you a lot of time reworking the labels later and deleting all the useless ones that you only have one post for!

Huh? Let me explain. The labels in WordPress are listed as topics for people to jump to on the left hand column of this blog. By the way, I have far too many here including: Australia, Moving Overseas, Writing etc. Before you start your blog make a few notes on paper.

What’s the goal of the blog? One or two sentences please!
Who will read it?
What information will they be looking for?

Now come up with come meaningful section names which you can use as labels in your blog and which your lucky readers can use to get to the information they want. Be creative and have fun with your blog.

Thanks for reading, feel free to add your comments below.

Good luck with all your plans!


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