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Why do so many people move to, or want to move to, Australia?

Sunshine Coast Hinterland: Run darling before a leech gets you

Sunshine Coast Hinterland: Run darling before a leech gets you

The Advantages of Living in Australia

I think most people move to Australia for the weather, especially Brits and Kiwis. Well, I did anyway!

I enjoy the healthy outdoorsy lifestyle. I think what’s great is the diversity here – you can choose to live in a big cosmopolitan city or out in the hippy hills depending on what suits you. Ditto the climate – there’s tropical north Queensland for hot weather fans, and plenty of places with a more temperate climate similar to the south of France. The food is great here too, both raw ingredients and restaurant meals, and the level of schooling for the kids seems to be good too.

The Disadvantages of Living in Australia

So what’s not to like? There aren’t enough black people here which is a shame and one of my British friends even calls Australia ‘the new land of apartheid’ which is a shocking and a grim thought.  Also, the sprawling suburbs could get you down along with the flies, snakes and leeches! But I just like to tell it like it is because nowhere is ideal. Australia’s not a perfect Utopian society and it’s sad to hear about people moving here unprepared and not liking it.

What it’s like to be sucked by a leech

I didn’t know about the leeches at all. I naively imagined they hung out in deserted swamps but no, you can find them in any bit of wet grass over here. We went for a walk in the hinterland at the weekend. Suddenly our oldest child started screaming and hopping around trying to brush a black wiggling thing off his foot. The entire valley was echoing with his shrieks which didn’t end even when the hubby finally pulled it off. I’ve been to some wet, slimy places in my time but never encountered a leech before. Large may never fully recover from his first leech encounter and sobbed for half an hour after wards.

“Hey, someone else might have one.” I mentioned, scanning my legs before I too started shrieking and begging the brave hubby to pull the leech off. Yuch!

Youngest child was quite traumatised too that she may have one or get one, but Middle child was highly disappointed and wants to go back so he can experience what it’s like to have a blood sucking leech attached to his leg. He’s an unusual child.

Anyway, if this hasn’t put you off totally, I’d love to hear why you’d like to move to Australia or why you already have!

Thanks for reading, feel free to add your comments below.

Good luck with all your travel plans!


6 Responses

  1. Annabel, thank you for your blog. You’re so funny, and I am having such a good time reading them.

    Although I defiantly sympathize for the trauma your oldest and youngest had and hope that they do not carry around those leeches for the rest of their lives. But for some strange reason I seem to relate to your middle child.

    As a kid going out hiking and getting into anything and everything I could was my nature, always wanting to explore and have new experiences.

    Maybe the next time the family goes for a walk you should all be wearing wetsuits ha ha.

    Ever since I was a child there has been a pull to Australia. That cannot be explained. I have been to seven different countries do to the military, but never made it to the one I most desired to visit. Am in the process of planning out the rest of my life and will visit many different countries to decide where to settle down at and your country is high on my hopes list.

    Again Annabel, thank you for the blog, I look forward to it continuing.


    • Thanks for your comments, Jeff, so glad you’ve been enjoying. I like the idea of wearing wetsuits for our walks in the countryside but don’t think our kids will be getting out of the car next time we go there, no matter what we are wearing, apart from the middle boy who is a bit loco! If you do come to Australia and want to have a leech experience I can tell you where to go, but don’t expect us to come with you. Good luck with all your travel plans and don’t forget to subscribe for email updates to In the Hot Spot. It sounds as if you are at an amazing crossroads as you plan the rest of your life. It’s great to hear that you are going to visit a lot of different countries before settling down. I think you are truly blessed to have such amazing options in front of you. Good luck with all your travel plans.

  2. Just hit the link top right, Subscribe for Email Updates! Do it now to make my day and yours.

  3. I was just looking at the new members page and my eye caught your Australian title. Anything about Australia brings about wonderful memories, so here I am!

    I immigrated to Australia, by myself, at the age of 22. 39 years ago! My family must have thought I was crazy, but I was determined to go. I LOVED Australia and still wish to this day that I could return. Having lived all over the East coast and travelled a lot in Aus and NZ it’s still heartbreaking to me that I probably can’t go back. I lived there 18 years and never wanted to return to the U.S.

    I haven’t read all your blogs, but as you’re up in QLD I hope you can venture out to the many Barrier islands off the coast, and snorkle or dive on the Barrier Reef. I particularly loved the little town of Port Douglas, north of Cairns. It’s really beautiful up there. It’s probably changed a bunch since I saw it last, as I returned to the States in 1987, much to my disgust. My Aussie husband had a job offer he couldn’t refuse.

    The Blue Mountains, to the West of Sydney are really interesting too, as is Sydney itself. It’s the most beautiful city in the world, in my humble opinion. I lived there for almost 10 years. I also lived a bit south of Brisbane for a year, and in Melbourne for quite a while.

    Adelaide is a great city to visit, as well as the surrounding wineries and coastal areas. The drive from Adelaide to Melbourne by the coast is amazing. The drive from Melbourne up to the coast to Sydney is equally beautiful, but in a different way.

    Driving in the outback is fun, but be prepared with a “roo bar” on your car or truck. They grow the ‘roos big out there!

    Now that I know you have a blog, I’ll keep in touch and read the rest of your stories. Have a blast!


    • So much to do, so little time! Thanks Trish. Yes, we loved Port Douglas too and Cape Tribulation but about 99.9% of Australia still awaits our exploration. It’s great to know that it’s all out there waiting for when we’re ready. The ‘roo bars are all in place, now all we need is a spare year or two:)

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