How To Break the Blogging Rules

Inspiration, Information and Idiosyncrasies for Living Your Dream

It's good to look at things a different way

It's good to look at things a different way

Despite 12 years of online marketing experience and a good understanding of the rules of blogging and social networking, I’m breaking all the rules and doing my own thing here. I know I’m supposed to be targeting a specific audience and focusing all my articles on one topic but I’m choosing not to. Sorry, if I appear to have attention deficit disorder, but I cannot focus this blog on one thing and nor do I want to. That’s why I recently described In the Hot Spot as inspiration, information and idiosyncrasies for living your dream, and let me tell you, it feels great.

Inspiration, Information and What?

According to the Oxford School Dictionary, happily the only one I have to hand at the moment, an idiosyncrasy is ‘one person’s way of behaving or doing something’ and that’s a big part of what In the Hot Spot is. I’m relishing the fact that I don’t have to tow a corporate line and I have nothing to sell you. In short, I can be myself. I certainly hope to inspire people to live their dream and inform them on how to achieve it, but there’s always going to be an unique and individual element to this and that’s what makes it interesting and fun for both of us. As an added bonus, idiosyncrasies are dangerously close to idiocies, and that’s part of the appeal.

All kudos to all the Probloggers out there. 120,000 followers? Brilliant, but 1000 is enough for me. I’m aiming at quite a niche market and if you fit three or more of these categories you may want to stick around, revisit regularly and even, drum roll, subscribe to email updates or the RSS feed if you know what that is. Oh, and if you pick four or more, it’s a match made in heaven. Hang on, five or more? Are you my long lost twin?

Try it now. How many of these topics interest you?

1. Living your dream

2. Traveling

3. Writing

4. Australia

5. People

6. Life

7. Moving overseas (especially to New Zealand, Australia or Central America)

I’d love to know what interests you most so please take the time to leave a comment below.

But What’s an RSS Feed?

If you’re not sure what an RSS Feed is, next time I’m going to explain it in plain language that you’ll actually be able to understand. But the best way to subscribe is by email. It’s safe, spam-free and you’ll only be emailed when I update the site. Try it now. If you change your  mind in the future you can easily unsubscribe and I’ll be none the wiser. So there’s nothing to lose is there? OK, I want to subscribe by email now.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to sharing and exchanging idiosyncrasies with you.

Good luck with all your plans!


8 Responses

  1. Hi,

    All of your topics seem interesting to me at some point, but I guess I’ll stick to travelling, writing and people. So there’s a reason for me to come here more often :-).
    I’m also working on a blog, and I’m also not planning to stick to one subject. Even though that seems to be a general rule among bloggers… “Find your niche and stick to it”. But we can’t help it that we have a wide range of interests, and like to talk about all of them… Can we?

  2. Yes, I’d find life a bit dull if I had to stick to one topic. It’s fun to mix it up and write as the mood takes you rather than think of a subject you need to write about and force yourself to tackle it. I tend to write what I feel like and then try to work out some meaning and add a snappy title if I can manage it later. So the creative part comes first and then I try to find some logic to my thoughts at the end. Great to hear you’ll be sticking around:)

  3. Australia is always a winner … Wallabies … Koalas .. walkabout’s … it’s all good. Oh yeah, and definitely learning to speak Australian (g’day mate and all that.)

  4. I love to hear about your life in general… like a live-feed-aussie-soap-opera haha except this is full of adventure and not doom and gloom! So, you are writing on one subject really…LIFE! Keep up the great work xxx

  5. Hey lady, paddle surfing looks fabulous- love those surf shorts! The little girl has the right idea- riding up front, looking at life through rose colored binoculars! I love what you guys do. Would love to hear about traveling with kids,as we are still pursuing our dream tour around the world.

  6. Initially discovered your blog via Twitter – somebody I follow was bantering with you and your tweets piqued my curiosity enough for me to click on the link to your blog.

    What keeps me dropping in here to read from time to time are your posts. I’m interested in your comments about blogging (I’m with you regarding SEO) and, as I’m “semi-retired” right now, your living the dream posts are a mix of thoughtfulness and inspiration. I’ve done the “let’s go live in another country” thing and it’s always interesting to read another person’s observations on this. You’re living in one of my favourite parts of Australia so I love the snippets here and on Twitter about the gorgeous weather and the water. I’m a traveller myself and of late I’ve been quite fascinated to read people’s travel blogs. And you write! You write well. I’m finding your posts on writing to be informative and again, they’re inspiring or at least, they’re making me stop and think about my own writing desires.

    Basically, your blog & your Tweets are covering most of the topics I like to read about.

  7. Thanks DG. What beautiful synergy. If only you would take out an email subscription then all my dreams would have come true. Well, almost. Still thinking about you there in the desert every time I look at the map and enjoying your kind positive attitude and good vibes all the way over here.

  8. […] you haven’t read my article, how to break the blogging rules, you can find out about my goals for this blog and what I write about there. To sum my goals up […]

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