Puberty Bites: Talking About Puberty With Kids

We all need to laugh more and here’s something that amused me last week.

Being a Parent’s Hard But We’re Doing the Best We Can

Apparently Unrelated Image of Native Australian Long-Necked Turtle

Apparently Unrelated Native Australian Long-Necked Turtle

Two of the cardinal rules for good parenting are not to stereotype your children and not to compare them, however, I’ve noticed that my older son, aged 11, is often quiet, serious and thoughtful whereas my younger son, aged seven, is boisterous, irreverent and irrepressible.

Take the drama show they were in yesterday as an example. The older son concentrated, spoke well and put on a fine performance while the younger son managed to fit his lines in around much improvised face pulling, fidgeting and theatrical bum scratching.

How to Discuss Sexual Development With Your Kids

Another example of their differences presented itself via illustrations of a developing penis in the wonderful book, Puberty Boy which we recently borrowed from the library. Of course, the book was borrowed for the oldest son but he showed little interest in and in fact he appeared not to read it at all, although he did come dashing out of the loo a few days later looking delighted and claiming:
“Mummy, I’ve got hairs growing on my penis.”

My younger son looked at the book too, cast his beady eye over the penis diagrams and, eyes gleaming, asked:
“Mummy, have you got a book like this about girls?”

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Good luck with all your plans!


5 Responses

  1. loved the story

  2. haha welcome to a new stage of motherhood… you’re such a cool person… you’e kids must love having you for a mum!!! Apart from when he realises you have just announced to the world he has penis-hairs hahaha

    • He hasn’t got any, it’s all wishful thinking! But watch this space. Every step of puberty, each hair, spot and bad mood will be documented here, after all isn’t one of the main roles of motherhood to embarrass your children as much as possible? It’s only fair after what they’ve put me through. Also, please note that my boys are not embarrassed at all by this story and seem rather proud of themselves. If they do resent it later in life I’m sure it’s nothing a bit of therapy won’t fix:)

  3. Can supply puberty girl book for younger son if you want! or perhaps not just yet

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