What Can You Give Up To Live Your Dream?

What We Can Happily Live Without

Our Wheels in Costa Rica

Our Wheels in Costa Rica: not flash but they went round

Flash Cars
We have an old no-name type car. Who gives a flying fart anyway? However, don’t let your kids use your car as a climbing frame like we did in Costa Rica or the roof rack will fall off one day while you’re driving along. Ooops.

Fancy Clothes
This year I’m attempting to spend 12 months without buying any clothes for myself. I’ve had to get slippers and a dressing gown to cope with the winter here and a wetsuit for surfing in the cooler climes, but apart from that, nothing for myself, just a few odds and ends for the kids. I swear I’m not dressing in rags either and most of the time I even look quite presentable, at least by my standards. Come November I’ll be splashing out on a couple of new dresses and t-shirts for the summer. Roll on summer.

Fine Food
In order to maximise my writing time we rotate our meals more or less according to a fortnightly menu of family favorites which are quick to make and enjoyed by all. I think this is the biggest sacrifice actually as I love food and would enjoy having more time to cook it. But something has to give and when it comes down to it, I’d prefer to be writing, walking, surfing or spending time with the hubby or kids than cooking.

A Home of Our Own
We’re renting a house and will do so for a year of more. It’s comfy but it doesn’t have all the finishing touches and personality we had in our own home. My dream home’s on hold.

Beauty Treats
Expensive face creams, facials, pedicures, massages, spa treatments are now just the subject of the odd fantasy. Cheaper products and diy pedicures seem to be just as good anyway.

I’d love to hear what you could or couldn’t live without.

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Good luck with all your plans!

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13 Responses

  1. Good article. Yeah, Nothing “outward” will bring you real happiness, it comes from the inside doesn’t it?

    We all know that the game seems to be a big house, flash car, flash clothes, reams of cash etc will bring you happiness and invariably…(drum roll)….IT NEVER DOES!!

  2. I too have vowed to spend 2009 shopping in my own wardrobe. When I moved to Dubai I had a great salary and use to spend excessively….especially on training shoes and work shoes. In two years I amassed 17 pairs. I’m now working on a reduced salary but have enough shoes to probably last me for the next 5 years or more. It feels good to be utilising what i have. I bought 8 books at a flea market last week and paid less than the cost of one full price book. I’m very pleased!

  3. All very good points. My wife wouldn’t make it 12 minutes without buying clothes. But I love her so, naturally, I can’t get mad. LOL.

  4. Great article Annabel

    I am really enjoying the reads. We have been travelling (less exotically) for the last few years, over in the UK and Europe with kids in tow.

    Your list of things to give up pretty much mirrors ours. Funny isn’t it the things we give up for a happier life. Seems almost ironic.

    I just need to learn to surf now. Coming from Darwin, a. scared of the waters b. think it’s freezing at the moment!

    Keep it up and look forward to more of your travelling with kids stories

  5. […] What Can You Give Up To Live Your Dream? […]

  6. There are many things that I could live without, but without access to books and information in general I would crumple up into a knot. I am an academic so I like to delve deeper into subjects.

    • I absolutely agree. Books are essential. When we moved to Central America access to English language reading materials was one of the main things I was worried about as we’re all avid readers and five people get through a lot of books. We took as many books as we could carry with us and once we were there we managed to swap or borrow books so we were never without. Now we’re living in Australia, there’s a fabulous library system and you can order just about anything online then they deliver it to your closest library so we always have plenty of books and it’s all free as well. I still can’t resist buying some books at garage sales though. Yes, it’s great to read but we need to get out there and experience things ourselves too. Check out my reading list if you haven’t already, there may be a few new ideas to keep you knot free. Thanks so much for your comments and happy reading!

  7. I haven’t bought much clothes in 2 years, to be honest. My trips to India and China brought with it truckloads of cheap clothes.

    Mostly I couldn’t do without the computer. And my rice cooker. I put everything in there, all together, especially with tons of exotic spices and sauces from the oriental supermart. Most of which doesn’t even have English labels.

    • Thanks for commenting but two years with no new clothes, that might be stretching it. Don’t push me! Yes, with a sad nod to the modern world, the computer is a must. I have been hankering after a rice cooker but managing to cook the old fashioned way and coping. Bon appetit!

  8. LIbraries are fantastic. I have a shopping trolley that serves for my weekly trips to the Adelaide Central Market and our monthly trips to the Tea Tree Gully library. Husband, son and myself are avid readers. Well husband and me are anyway – son sometimes, but he is addicted to killing people on the TV screen, so the reading only happens when we’re not all watching something! He’s fifteen, that’s what fifteen year olds do.

    I love shopping in op shops – the lovely warm jumper I have on at the moment cost me $4.00 last winter. I would buy all of our stuff in op shops, but the menfolk are committed consumers. What can I do? Shrug and stick to my personal frugality.

    • I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a trolley to lug all my goodies home from the farmer’s market. One friend recommends taking the kids and using them as porters but mine always want to buy, buy, buy! I sympathise about the son. Our two lads are addicts too but confined to computer games and a hand held Nintendo DS at the moment. They’re a bit younger than your lad. Boys, they’re a worry. Adelaide sounds wonderful and we have some old friends there too so I really want to visit ~ in the summer!

  9. Adelaide is gorgeous in spring. Parklands, mild days, lovely. And the Barossa Valley is a short drive from the city, even shorter drive from out where I live.

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