101 Ways To Feel Happy

A Happy Ni-Vanuatuan Man

A Happy Ni-Vanuatuan Man

Do you want to feel happier than you already are? Do you find that most self-help books are too long, detailed, embarrassing or complicated?

The simple solution is these 101 quick, easy and free ways to make you feel happy right now. They’ll help you get the big picture on how you can feel happier, and from there you can start to add more ideas of your own. Make sure you get your daily dose of happiness, because life’s too short to be miserable.

I’ve read enough self-help and personal development books to fill a couple of tea chests, and I’ve traveled all over the world in search of happiness and fulfillment. So now you don’t have too. Here’s the most important stuff you need to do to make you feel happier, all compressed into one quick list.

If you haven’t already had your happy fix today, or if you want to feel even happier, try these 101 quick, simple ideas, but maybe not all on the same day.

Please, dip in to these happy hints, try them out one by one and start to feel happier day by day:

1. Smile.
2. Connect with nature.
3. Surround yourself with positive people in person or online.
4. Do something you’ve always enjoyed.
5. Do something you’ve never done before but have always wanted to try.
6. Learn something new.
7. Smell something that makes you happy: a mandarin, your lover’s perfume, chocolate, you decide.
8. Reward yourself for your good habits.
9. Eat something that makes you happy, but not too much if it’s fattening.
10. Spend time with a good friend.
11. Touch something that makes you happy: a cat, velvet, the bark of a tree? Take time to notice.
12. Don’t worry now, worry later.
13. Say, or sing, something that makes you happy.
14. Challenge yourself, I dare you.
15. Look at something that makes you happy.
16. Stop procrastinating, do something.
17. Take a small step towards your goal.
18. Congratulate yourself.
19. Tell someone you love them.
20. Do a good deed.
21. Face your fears.
22. Read a book you love.
23. Get outside.
24. Spend time with inspiring people or read about someone who inspires you.
25. Clear out your junk, literally.
26. Let go of negative memories.
27. Dwell on positive things from your past.
28. Be creative.
29. Dare yourself to do something.
30. Give someone an unexpected gift.
31. Change your habits just this once, do something unexpected.
32. Watch the sunset.
33. Get up for sunrise.
34. Open a savings account.
35. Be active.
36. Plan for success.
37. Eat something healthy.
38. Trust your instincts.
39. Follow your passion.
40. Throw a party, or plan to soon.
41. Avoid drama queens and energy suckers, you know who they are.
42. Write stuff down, keep a diary.
43. Set a goal.
44. Clean your house, bit by bit.
45. Say no.
46. Spend a day alone.
47. Devote a day to family.
48. Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while.
49. Wear your favourite outfit.
50. Be present.
51. Go for a bike ride.
52. Do something you loved as a kid that you haven’t done for years.
53. Forgive someone, especially yourself.
54. Go slow.
55. Have a meal somewhere different: try a picnic.
56. Avoid advertisements.
57. Pick a bunch of flowers and put them in your house.
58. Ban all media for the day.
59. Let something slide.
60. Display a colorful fruit bowl and eat one or two pieces a day.
61. Be romantic.
62. Play a game: uno, monopoly, chess, poker.
63. Make a smoothie.
64. Have a siesta.
65. Do something you’ve been putting off.
66. Dream big.
67. Start small.
68. Seek out supportive and like-minded people.
69. Understand that all things come to an end.
70. Feed the ducks.
71. Persevere: pick up something you gave up on.
72. Start a new habit, a good one.
73. Look at yourself in the mirror, pick what you like best and flaunt it.
74. Seek sensuous activities and enjoy them.
75. Look for funny things and have a laugh.
76. Rest up.
77. Change your routine.
78. Take a photo, look back at old ones.
79. Stretch your body.
80. Meditate.
81. Write a mantra.
82. Focus.
83. Don’t buy something, see if you miss it. Put the cash in a savings account instead.
84. Notice what makes you happy and use it in sad times.
85. Ignore people who annoy you, stop being with them.
86. Play hide and seek with some kids.
87. Put a picture of something you want on your wall.
88. Tell someone your dreams.
89. Love yourself.
90. Be grateful.
91. Visualise.
92. Unblock.
93. Use your brain: try a crossword or suduko.
94. Make a good choice.
95. Acknowledge your feelings.
96. Go on a journey, long or short.
97. Talk to someone you wouldn’t normally connect with.
98. Be grateful for life.
99. Write a poem.
100. Teach someone something you know well.
101. Choose to be happy every day.

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18 Responses

  1. This could not have come at a better time for me hon…Thank you! I am going to print this off and put it on my wall 🙂

  2. I think someone else cleaning the house will make me happier! Great list Annabel.

  3. I was going to mention that this should be printed out an placed on the refrigerator but Teresa already made a similar comment regarding the printing.

    The guy who runs the Zen Habits blog referred this post and I’m glad that I noticed the link because it’s very motivational in a positive manner.

    Great list!

    • Thanks Nicholas, Teresa’s very canny and always gets in first! So glad to hear I’m motivating people in a positive manner and that I have the Zen Habits seal of approval too:)

      I’m still narrowing down my blog content at the moment but I really want to help people live their dream, whatever that may be. I think the one universal goal we should all have in life it to be happy and you can never have too many ideas on how to achieve that. Thanks for visiting In the Hot Spot, I’m so lucky to be living my dream and I hope I can help you live YOUR dream too.

  4. I love, love, love this post!!! I love meeting people that “get it” – hooray for Twitter, hooray for social media, hooray for happiness and hooray YOU for inspiring me to continue to be happy!
    Bright Blessings,

    • Thanks Cate, maybe I should add number 102: Live on the Sunshine Coast:) We are truly blessed but what I like about these ideas is that you can do them anywhere and they’re free. For example, the other day I noticed how happy the smell of mandarins made me so now I know if I’m feeling a bit blah peeling a mandarin will bring some cheer.

  5. This is so helpful…So many ideas at one place…atleast I am going to enjoy my life for next few days…thanks for putting this up…I enjoyed reading it

    • You’re welcome, just doing my bit to balance out the bad news in the press about the global recession, and try to stop the “big economic depression” becoming a personal one!

  6. thank you thank you thank you – 🙂

  7. Great list. It also made me realize that I do most of the things listed in here, randomly. It’s good that we are and we love to be happy! 🙂 It’s funny you mentioned Sudoku because that’s what I do when I’m bored and had run out of simple and/or easy things to do. Hahaha. Yeah it makes be feel not bored anymore, therefore, happy 🙂

    • It’s great that you have strategies in place to keep you feeling happy all the time. Thanks for mentioning that one important aspect of feeling happy is not being bored. We need to keep ourselves actively engaged in order to be happy. There’s a brilliant book called Flow: Psychology of Happiness by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi which explores this. Basically, he says that we feel happiest when we’re totally absorbed in what we’re doing, when we’re 100% engaged in an activity. I read it when I was writing a thesis to explore why computer games are so addictive. When we’re concentrating fully on what we’re doing time flies, and we feel happy. Many computer games full this criteria but I’d rather seek happiness in nature. Everyone is different though and it helps to have a lot of different strategies in place. I love crosswords but haven’t done one for ages, I need to make sure I do soon, it’s always fun to work on them with a friend too. Have fun on those sudukos and keep doing what you’re doing!

  8. you’re absolutely right.

    nature makes me happy too, and traveling. That’s why I have a travel website (as linked to my name), but local travel only. And good food, well, i think it makes me happy too! 🙂

    thank you again for the wonderful tips 🙂

  9. Those 101 things were awesome, it was like having a lightbulb go off when I was reading them…… Thank you !

  10. We’re on the same wavelength.

  11. […] for reading, please add your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe by email now if you haven’t already so you don’t miss […]

  12. Annabel, it must have made you happy just to have written this list! It’s fabulous and right on. This year I started a new thing: Every day I try something new. I have a calendar dedicated to this activity and it is now filled with all kinds of wonderful things. New foods, wines, movies, books, roads less traveled, volunteer opportunities, spotting different birds,etc. It’s amazing how easy it is to break free from the routine,even for a short while , and try something new. I love your list!!

    • Yes, it did make me happy writing it and reading all the amazing comments has made me happier still. It’s wonderful to have such an amazing group of people from all around the world meeting here and working out how we can be happy. It seems so trivial but really, it’s the most important thing in the world. What a brilliant idea you have. I’ve been trying to do things that scare me but new things sounds even better. I’ll look forward to hearing all your adventures:)

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