Guest posting on Top Blogs

Guest posting on top blogs is the best way I’ve grown my blog and found lovely new readers.

How to Score a Guest Posting on a Top Blogs

1. Read their blog. Really study the language and style they use, the headlines, the spacing and length of paragraphs. Some bloggers have buzz words that they use again and again. If you can spot some and use them in your guest post for them, subconsciously they might relate more to your blog writing and feel it makes a good fit for their blog. When you write your guest post for them use the same style, language and formating they do so they can instantly see that your post fits in and will appeal to their readers.

2. Leave comments for the blog owner. It’s like a virtual calling card that lets a top blogger know you visit their blog. Better yet if you can add to their blog post by leaving an interesting comment they’ll know you read their posts carefully. This will naturally endear you to them but beware that comments with links in or key words instead of your real name will probably annoy them and have the opposite effect. The aim is to make them notice you’re an engaged reader, not to make them think of you as a pain in the butt.

3. Connect on Twitter or Facebook. Retweet their posts and answer their questions on Twitter or comment on their Facebook page.

4. Arouse their curiosity. After a respectable amount of time, when you’re sure they know who you are and what you blog about try sending them a quick tweet suggesting a guest post. Hopefully you’ll get a reply to something like “@BlogGod Got a cool guest post idea for your blog. Would you like to hear more?”

5. Email the whole guest post. Even if they don’t get back to you on Twitter you can still email them your guest post. Make sure it really is an example of your best work then edit and check it carefully. It needs to be word perfect. You want to make sure that you minimise work for the host blogger so you can format the post in simple HTML by writing it in a draft blog post on your blog then pasting the HTML into the body of the email for them. Copy how they present guest posts on their blog with a byline like “Editor’s note: guest post by Annabel Candy” and a couple of sentences about you at the end of the post including one or two links to your blog.


Successful Blogging

Successful blogging ebook coverI just wrote a ebook blogging guide called Succcessful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps.

The book is for:

Small business owners and creative personalities who’ll benefit from blogging but aren’t geeks . No you can reap the opportunities blogging offers without worrying about plug-ins or widgets. Now you can learn how to brief your blog designer so they set up an effective blog and you can enjoy posting and promotion.

Geeks who need help planning and writing a blog. This book will teach you the principles of good screen design, screen reading and how to write for your audience so you’re set for successful blogging.

Bloggers who want to learn about blog writing and how to make their blog get the results they’re dreaming of. Even if you’ve failed to get many readers or subscribers so far, after following these steps you’ll see an increase in blog readers, blog subscribers and sales.