Successful Blogging

Successful blogging ebook coverI just wrote a ebook blogging guide called Succcessful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps.

The book is for:

Small business owners and creative personalities who’ll benefit from blogging but aren’t geeks . No you can reap the opportunities blogging offers without worrying about plug-ins or widgets. Now you can learn how to brief your blog designer so they set up an effective blog and you can enjoy posting and promotion.

Geeks who need help planning and writing a blog. This book will teach you the principles of good screen design, screen reading and how to write for your audience so you’re set for successful blogging.

Bloggers who want to learn about blog writing and how to make their blog get the results they’re dreaming of. Even if you’ve failed to get many readers or subscribers so far, after following these steps you’ll see an increase in blog readers, blog subscribers and sales.


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