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    In the Hot Spot has information and inspiration for people who want to live their dream. Created by, Annabel Candy, who's living her dream in Noosa, Australia, it will help you live YOUR dream too.

    Dip in, dare to dream and enjoy the journey.

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Raving Readers

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my writing endeavors and encouraged me with your kind words. It’s great to know that I am achieving my goals of inspiring, informing and entertaining.

Positive Feedback on my writing

“You were born (amongst other things) to write travel memoirs, Annabel.”
John Kelleher, New Zealand

“I love your updates! They always inspire me to be a more secure, self-assured woman!”
Teresa Long, UK

“Once again you have given a lot of people a much needed kick in the pants. What great fun it all sounds….. and you are doing it all with 3 young kids. I salute you !”
Andy Macgregor, Dubai

“I think I told you before you should write a book about your experience moving to Central America with your family. Your emails are a perfect start for that one — funny and interesting.”
Molly Kelash, USA

“Excellent writing style and highly entertaining content.”
Paul Lalley, USA: Webwordslinger

“Annabel, thank you for your blog. You’re so funny, and I am having such a good time reading them. Again Annabel, thank you for the blog, I look forward to it continuing.”
Jeff Lewis, USA

“You are a natural born wanderer! Love hearing your reports.”
Laura Baker, USA

“Great stuff.”
Charles Bennett, UK

“Thanks for the great story.”
Chuck Chastain, Costa Rica

“Have really enjoyed reading about your new life…sounds amazing!”
Oana Teboul, France

“I thoroughly enjoy reading your newsletter and, do please keep writing.”
Bodie Trenton, UK

“Have just spent 20 minutes reading over all your last emails and have had an enjoyable revisit on your travels and how life has been pretty good in far off exotic lands so far.”
Mish Bostock, New Zealand

“Your travels sound amazing – I am very jealous!”
Fiona Jones, UK

“I must admit, I really look forward to the latest newsletters. They are so entertaining……!!! Wow, must admit feeling pangs of jealously, everything sounds so exotic.”
Jude Watson, New Zealand

“I’m just visualising all the stuff you’re writing about, it all sounds fun and interesting with a splash of challenge, hope it keeps getting better and better for you guys.”
Jody Anderson-Elliott, Scotland

“Good to hear about your travels. All sounds so exciting and exotic! ”
Kelly Spencer, New Zealand

“If you have any doubtful days – just push through ‘cos you are doing the right thing by exposing the children to many ways to live and making them appreciate what we in the west have in so much abundance.”
Loretta Brown, New Zealand

“Thanks for cheering me up today – you are my inspiration to a better me – a “surfing fit-chick me”! Thanks baby!”
Kate Hayes, Costa Rica

‘”You got skillz girl.”
Faye McGarry, Costa Rica

“Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what life would/could be for us.”
Kathi, Germany

“Just discovered the “In the Hot Spot” blog. A must read!”
Nicolas De Corte,
Belgium (on Twitter)

“I love your blog. Your stories are funny and intellectual. Your life has been full of adventure. Thank you for the inspiration that you bring and for all the great posts you write.”
Eric Richardville, USA

“Love reading your beautifully-crafted words”
Lisa Alexiou, Australia

“Love this.”
Leo Babauta, Guam

“What an incredible inspiration!”
Molly Hoyne, USA


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