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If I Were A Geek, Just For a Day

Geek glasses: my fancy dress favourite for 23 years

Geek glasses: everyone should have some

Frustration and Computers

During the 13 years I’ve been working on computers, designing websites, and studying online marketing, there have been times of frustration. Moments when I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve, but couldn’t quite work out how to do it.

Fortunately, the frustrations of computers and the Internet are balanced out when you finally manage to do something you’ve been struggling with. That success makes it all worth while and keeps you going, and it’s the same with many other challenges in life. But ultimately, it’s constant learning, and the feelings of achievement that come from persevering, then finally succeeding in your goal, that make those challenges interesting.

Working with technology doesn’t come naturally to me, but it’s got to be done, because the Internet is for all of us, not just for the technologically gifted. I’m determined to persevere and play my part on the Internet as well as I can, and I hope you will too.

This article was inspired by:

  • 13 years spent overcoming computer-based challenges to design user-friendly websites;
  • “If I Was A Boy”, as sung by the beautiful, and highly tuneful, Beyoncé.

So, with many thanks to all the geeks who made this possible, here’s a tongue in cheek look at what I’d do if I was a geek for a day:

  • I would add all the cool buttons to my website so that readers could Tweet this, Digg it, email it to their Facebook page, and have it digitally tattooed on their foreheads too if they so desired.
  • I would employ a brilliant writer to come up with inspiring ideas for my website and turn all my geek speak into intelligent sentences which the general public can understand and relate to.
  • I would have an English English spell check on WordPress and Twitter, not US English.
  • I would fiddle with my coding all day long and half the night, giving my site every useful bell and whistle known to mankind and, most importantly, I’d love doing it.
  • I would make sure my site ranked number 1 with Google for the search engine terms: “Hottest Aussie blogger”.
  • I would get one of my brilliant graphic designer friends to make my site look über-cool, so no one ever suspected a geek was behind it.
  • I would write a program that generated short, witty strings of words and automatically added them to my Twitter account every hour or so.
  • I would be best friends with Leo Babauta, John Chow, Darren Rowse, Seth GodinSeth Simonds and Guy Kawasaki plus all the great girl geeks I’d connect with and I’d happily share my brilliant tips with them all.
  • I would set up my computer with perfect voice recognition so that I never have to type again.
  • I would seem shy, but I’d be totally self-confident in the knowledge that, thanks to me and my skills, the future will be a better place.

Now, just imagine what I’d do if I was a geek for a week!

Good luck with your computer and your Internet dreams!

Thanks for reading, please let me know what you’d do if you were a geek for the day by adding a comment below, and don’t forget to subscribe to In the Hot Spot by email now, if you haven’t already, so you don’t miss out.

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Why I’ll Always Backup My Work From Now On

Last week I got robbed and stranded at the beach wearing only a bikini a couple of sizes too small, then this week my computer died.

Me and My Gorgeous Geek

Me and My Gorgeous Geek

That’s right, one minute I was typing away happily and the next minute the screen froze and the computer refused to restart, even when I got my clever geek, and husband, on to it. Unfortunately I hadn’t backed up at all and I’ve had the computer almost a year.

Okay, I had backed up my 65,000 word manuscript by emailing it to myself at my gmail account, but what about all those amazing stories, articles-in-the-making, ideas and writing tips that I’d built up over that time? All gone and never to be seen again according to the geek, who smuggly reminded me that he had bought me a little memory stick and I should have used it.

In the end my wonderul geek, who I love more than anything, managed to recover all my work, but not before a few hot tears had been shed, mainly by me. Then I had to use the kid’s computer but Facebook and Twitter were banned by the clever anti-filth detector, K9 Web Protection Services, even though I wasn’t trying to look at any filth. I promise.

My geek claimed he couldn’t remember the password so I couldn’t access my two favourite websites, but when I started shaking, hallucinating and mumbling incoherently from the cold turkey he found the password for me. I didn’t realise how bad my addiction was until my online social networking fix was denied me.

So folks, the message is back up your work daily. At least. And just in case that fails get yourself a good geek. They are truly indispensible in this digital age and every creative type should have one. Mine is versatile too. He also makes bonny babies and can be quite funny at times. Plus he’s a dab hand at gardening, cooking and finances and exceedingly handsome too, so I’m a very lucky lady. I will have to be nice to him for ages now but really, he’s worth it.

We all need a bit of help and support in our daily lives and I’d love to hear who your everyday hero or heroine is.

Two, four, six, eight, who do you appreciate?

Good luck with all your plans!